Manuel Monsour T. del Rosario III (born May 11, 1964) commonly known as Monsour
del Rosario, is a Filipino taekwondo champion who has also starred in several Filipino
and international action films. A member of the UNA Party, he currently serves
as the member of the Makati City council for the first legislative district since
June 30, 2010.

Del Rosario was born in Manila, but grew up in Bacolod City, his family hometown.
Her mother is a Filipina with Arab descent. He first learned martial arts under Joe
Lopez-Vito, a Moo Duk Kwan-Tang Soo Do practitioner. After he returned to Manila
for his high school education, del Rosario shifted to taekwondo in 1977 as a student
of Hong Sung-Chon. Under Master Hong, del Rosario has attained a Korean 6th Dan
taekwondo black belt. Del Rosario is also a graduate of the De La Salle

Del Rosario joined the Philippine National Taekwondo Team in 1982, and remained
on the team until 1989, serving as the team's captain his last four years on the team.
He was ranked first in the Philippines in the Lightweight Division while he was on the
team, and was an eight-time National Lightweight champion. From 1982 to 1989, del
Rosario competed in several international competitions, including the 1988 Seoul
Olympics, the Southeast Asian Games, the Asian Games, the World Games,the
World Taekwondo Championships and the Asian Taekwondo Championships.
He earned a gold medal in the 14th and 15th Southeast Asian Games, a bronze medal in
the 10th Asian Games, and reached the quarterfinal round during the 1988 Seoul
Olympic Games.

Del Rosario had appeared in Filipino action films as early as 1986. Among his more
notable starring roles was in Bangis (1995), Buhawi Jack (1998) and Pintado (2000).
Del Rosario has also appeared in several international film productions, such as
Demonstone (1989), Bloodfist 2 (1990), When Eagles Strike (2003), Bloodfist 2050 (2005),
and The Hunt for Eagle One (2006).