Established in 1996, Paneros Trading Co. Inc., was composed of National team
coaches who ventured into business trading taekwondo uniforms and equipment
giving birth to the Peak brand of taekwondo uniforms and equipments.

Utilizing their knowledge of elite taekwondo requirements, these former national
players and current coaches of the national team worked together to create quality
products to help strengthen the popularity of the sport in the land. With its first store at
the Taekwondo Central Gym Rizal Memorial Sports Complex, it supplied the various
needs of the rapidly growing taekwondo population in the country.

As more tournaments took place nationwide and more taekwondo instructors
increased, Peak Martial Arts Equipment strove to keep up with the demands of the

It came out with the innovative ribbed dobok in 2000 and currently has come out with
the cutting edge light weight sleek Peak Zirconium material in 2003.

A flagship store was established in 2003 and serves as headquarters for nationwide
as well as international operations.

Peak Martial Arts Equipment today has expanded its line which includes other martial
arts uniforms and equipment such as fencing, pencak silat, arnis, taichi and karate.

It has the Peak Monsour line of taekwondo uniforms, equipment and accessories
which was established in 2003.

Peak Martial Arts Equipment is an officially recognized supplier the Philippine Taekwondo
Association. It is the official supplier of the Philippine Sports Commission.